Premium Interlocking Concrete Pavers

V Paver

V paver is a decorative hexagonal concrete interlocking paver block that comes in various vibrant colours with special pigments to minimise colour fading. You can use V pavers to create a variety of modern paving design patterns such as 3D-designed layouts, herringbone layouts, contrasting colour layouts & more according to your design needs. With Its high load-bearing capacity, it is suitable for different construction project nature.

Product Details

  • Size: 103mm x 374mm
  • Area Coverage: 30 pcs/m2
  • Thickness: 60mm
  • Strength: 60 mpa (average compaction strength tested after 14 days)

Available Colours

Standard Colors: Red, Yellow, Grey & Black
Premium Colors: Jet Black, Green, Brown, White & Blue

v paver block design

Benefits of V Pavers

  1. Aesthetic

    The V-designed interlocking paver blocks can also be combined with some of our like Ruby Diamond grass paving blocks, Ruby Square pavings, Intan and more to create multiple modern designs and laying patterns.You can view more at our pavement projects.
  2. Fast Installation

    Compared to other paver materials like asphalt, the installation of the V-design interlocking paver is relatively quick. You can use the paved surface right after the laying process.
  3. Longer lifespan

    Interlocking paving blocks generally have a longer lifespan as they are produced in the factory under controlled conditions. Hence the product quality is not affected by external factors such as weather and hence it is less prone to cracking.
  4. Anti-Slip & anti-skid surface

    The V paving block has an anti-slip textured surface. You can install the paving in your house areas even though there are children and elderly as the textured surface of this paving block help to increase the friction.

Use of V Pavers

  1. Residential car porch & patio 
  2. Driveway
  3. Walkway 
  4. Street
V Interlocking Concrete Paver Block Designs

Our Designs

Interlocking Concrete Paver Block Designs

FAQs About V Paver Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Our V-designed interlocking paver block is developed using Wet Casting and the latest Vibro Forming Technology from India and Japan to create a high-strength & low absorption material suitable for heavy-duty use. Besides, our team will be able to provide you with a full range of professional construction services including design, planning, installations and maintenance for your projects.

Our interlocking pavers are generally anti-skid and anti-slip due to their textured surface.

The layer under our V designed concrete interlocking blocks is a concrete composition with aggregates as the base course. Fine sand could be used to fill in the gap between V-designed interlocking pavers. View more at our tech specs.

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