Concrete Paving Blocks Product Information

Available in Various Colours

Standard colours: Black, White, Grey, Yellow, Red
Premium colours: Green,Brown,Blue

Special Interlocking Beads

All our concrete paver blocks are designed with adequately interlocked beads at the side of each paving block, ensuring their stability and preventing any chance of dislodging.

Available in Different Designs

We offer 7 types of interlocking paving block design: Cobble Stone, V shaped paver, Arc paver, Ruby Diamond, Ruby Square, and Intan 

For Heavy Duty Applications & Vehicular Traffic

Our high-density interlocking concrete pavers are specifically engineered for exterior pavement applications. These robust interlocking paver blocks exhibit exceptional durability, effectively resisting cracking, chipping, and normal wear and tear. Their ability to withstand heavy duty applications and vehicular traffic makes them an excellent choice for creating reliable and low maintenance pathways for all your outdoor paving requirements.

Professionally Installed by Our Paving Experts

Professionally installed by our team of paving experts equipped with special equipment, rest assured that we will handle every aspect of your project. From designing and planning to the meticulous installation of our premium interlocking concrete pavers, you can trust in our expertise and experience. Leave it all to us and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your project is in capable hands.

Boundless Creativity in Design and Colour

Experience the breathtaking beauty of our interlocking concrete pavers, meticulously crafted with boundless creativity in design and colour. Whether you’re transforming your garden landscape or enhancing the outdoor areas of your commercial premises, our expert team will customize the perfect concrete pavers to suit your exact needs, ensuring the delivery of aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable paver blocks that elevate any space.

colourful creative interlocking paver brick design

Master Pavers's Premium Interlocking Paver Blocks

Compaction Strength: 60mpa

Paver Block Thickness: 60mm

Based Course: Aggregates

Production Method: Vibro Forming Technology

Anti Algae - Anti Moss - Anti Skid

Interlocking Paving Blocks with Absolute Durability

cleaning floor pavement with pressure washer

Minimal & Easy Maintenance surface

Create low maintenance pathway with our easy-to-clean paver blocks

durable concrete paving blocks

High Strength and Suitable for Heavy Duty Applications

Durable and strong, our interlocking concrete pavers are ideal for heavy-duty use and exterior pathways.

cleaning floor pavement with pressure washer

Textured Surface That Are Cast for Non-slip and Anti Skid Surface

The textured surface cast of our interlocking concrete pavers creates a skid-resistant and slip-resistant surface, ensuring safety and stability.


The pavers themselves will last forever but it all depends on the “baseworks”. A strong and solid base work will sustain the paver for a very long time

A guarantee of 5 years for spot discolouration. Slight fading will happen over time due to weather conditions.

Break is impossible as the pavers are 60mpa in strength (JKR requirement for heavy traffic is 45mpa)

While cracks and chips may occur in heavy traffic areas due to construction, repair works, or heavy loads falling from vehicles, the advantage of our pavers is that they can be easily replaced when needed.

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